How To Make Cappuccino With Special Flavour


How To Make Cappuccino With Special Flavour

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Cappuccino is a delicious coffee blend beverage of many loyal fans. The cappuccino coffee is always being the most ordered drink by customers in every coffee shop or cafe and restaurant. However, this cup of pleasure will definitely rip off your wallet for a daily purchase. Well, you do not have to worry anymore because now you can enjoy the luxury dish of this Italian cappuccino coffee by yourself. To make it simple, you should prepare the ingredients that are needed to produce the Italian-style cappuccino coffee and immediately make a cup for yourself.

Continue reading the article below to know more about the details of cappuccino ingredients and the presentation steps.

Special Cappuccino Coffee Ingredients

• 125 cc instant coffee, dissolve
• 125 cc liquid milk
• Milk cooking chocolate 150 gr, melted
• Sugar 100 gr
• White gelatin 40 gr, dissolved with 60 ccs hot water
• Whipping cream 200 cc
• Chicken egg 3 pcs, separate white and yellow

How to Easily Make Special Cappuccino Coffee

• Prepare a container to whisk the egg yolks, put the egg yolks and shake them together with the sugar until it dissolves and expands. Then add the egg yolk whisk with the liquid milk and beat well.

• Next, prepare a small medium sized pan, pour the egg yolks mixture and liquid milk on top, bring to a boil and turn off the heat. Rest them for a moment until the steam heat in the pan disappears.

• Next, prepare milk cooking chocolate, gelatin mixture, whipping cream and instant coffee, put in a mixture of egg yolks and milk mixture in a pan, stir evenly.

• After that, add back the cappuccino coffee with whipped egg whites, stir back until blended well.

• Lastly, pour the mixtures into a coffee cup and chill. Serve together with an additional chocolate comb.

You can add more milk or chocolate if you like. It is all depending on your taste in the end. So, how do you think it is going to be? You should try it this weekend as an accompaniment for your afternoon snack! Try to serve your family too, once you satisfy their taste, you will receive more happiness. Have a great day!

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