I was born in the city of Lisbon, Portugal in December 1981.

At age 6, after much pleading with my mother, I got my first Fashion Kits; A toy that with crayons and papers allowed me to design and print figurines. Over time I understood that I enjoyed more transferring my designs to the paper than thinking about dresses.

In the secondary I discovered graphic design and photography; The supports, the inks, the compositions, the colors and the typographies. Working while attending college I understood that I could live on this.

At age 23 I went to live in Spain where I studied Documentary Film and worked for a commercial TV company, leading projects for popular brands.

At the beginning of 2009 I returned to Portugal and opened my own studio, a personal space that evolves alongside their projects. In 2011 I ventured into theatrical graphic design. In 2014 I crossed the 2D barrier, designing and constructing booths.

I always look for new challenges, introduce new techniques and find the personality of each of my projects. I enjoy decoding desires, conceptualizing them and giving them life through graphic language.